The Voice

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The Voice

The second depression changed the America. The rich stayed rich while the poor got poorer and eventually started to kill themselves. People hated their lives. People hated working for a few pennies a day. Eventually, the rich started to go poor. They couldn't afford their workers to keep killing themselves, or stealing, or (the more popular fad) burning down their factories, restaurants, and businesses. The rich finally agreed to higher taxes to help with the economy, but it was too late. There was no going back.

So the law turned to the Syndicate; the Mafia. The only organization that wasn't going broke. Hell, the harder the times the more the Syndicate flourished. It was made that the Syndicate wouldn't be taxed simply because they had the money to help out the government. Times changed. More gangs grew, became popular, became the new workforce. There were still laws to obey, but they were mostly bent, skewed, or dirty cops paid off to look the other way. Hey, even a cop has to eat and filet mignon is better than hamburger helper every night.

Shya belonged to the Tronics. A gang that was mostly about computer hacking; hell anything with electronics and the Tronics were in on it. That didn't mean they couldn't fire a gun. The Tronics had their own firing rang and laser weapons were their main weapons. Imagine a gun that if it touches your skin you burn continuously or if the beam grazes you you explode. No, the Tronics weren't a bunch of nerds bent on revenge. The Tronics became a force to be reckon with and they bullied their way to being one of the top Syndicate Forces.

Shya belonged to Jesse. Rumor was that Jesse came from a long line of Triads, but fell in love with the black beauty Shya. Jesse fought to be with her and was cast out of his home and family name. He started the Tronics and she was his queen; they ruled together and when she spoke it was on his behalf always.

Shya was in her car. A small Hyundai that was crap, but she loved. The interior was all black, but the outside was a shiny white. She kept that car sparkling, washing it just about every day. When she wasn't washing it she was in her car reading free porn movies download usually sitting in the backseat sprawled out. The only place she could get peace and quiet. Shya paid attention to her surroundings as well. Every time she was in the car she made sure all doors were locked and the windows rolled up. She was afraid that someone would try to revenge kill her and kept her gun on her at all times.

Shya was engrossed in her book noting that she was parked on a busy street and people were getting closer and closer to her car. She would move it, but didn't want to seem paranoid so she ignored her inner voice screaming she was in danger. She was the Queen of the Tronics. She was always in danger, but the deal was not to ever show fear. Shya happened to glance up just as her passenger door handle turned and opened. She reached for her gun a glock, but the unfamiliar guy was already getting in. She opened her door, got out, and ran. She heard footsteps behind her, but didn't dare turn and look. She made it home safely.

”JesssssseeeeE!” She ended the call to his name on a high screech. He came down the stairs, saw her disheveled face, and embraced her. She immediately went into his arms shaking.

”Shya what happened?” That was all he needed to say.

She looked up into his eyes and tried to describe what happened. As she explained Shya realized she probably overreacted and felt stupid. He hugged her close, but Shya still felt like she let the Tronics down. She stepped out of his arms angry.

”Where are you going?”

”To get my fucking car back.” Jesse opened his mouth to speak, but Shya cut him off. The only person who could do that and get away with it. ”I'll take Tony with me. We'll just get the car and drive it back here.” Shya hit High Tony's arm bringing him out of his stupor. ”Come on.”

Tony and Shya walked back to the spot she left her car. She glanced around, but her car was gone. ”Shit, shit, shit!” Shya pointed for Tony to look down that way while she backtracked and tried to find her car. The streets were still just as crowded and she was angrier than usual. She didn't see her car anywhere and worse the fuckers had her gun and her book; she didn't even get to finish the ending!

Shya felt someone behind her and she turned. The guy was smiling at her and she instantly knew he was one of the ones to take her car. She groaned realizing that Tony was her backup and she didn't take another gun with her. Arrogance was going to be her downfall. ”TONY,” she yelled seeing him leaning against a wall. He didn't move.

The man reached for her and she ducked his arm and slammed her palm into his nose. He stepped back taking away the force of the blow and stopping Shya from smashing the bone of his nose into his brain. She took the opportunity to kick him in the stomach and screamed for Tony once more. Seeing he was no help she turned and ran straight into the hardest chest she had ever felt. She glanced up, but could only see the fist coming at her. Everything went dark.

Jesse paced the room. When Shya had been gone for hours he was annoyed. When she had been gone for a day he was angry. Now it had been one week and no one could find her. Jesse put out an alert to contact every resource they had, but no one knew where she was. He was starting to panic, but his panic always turned into intense anger.

Feeling his world spinning out of control he went into their room. He knelt at the Goddess” altar and meditated. The rumors about him were true except only he and Shya knew they served the Goddess Irina, Goddess of Revenge. She came to them and helped them build the empire they had now as long as she received her payment of carnage and destruction. They had been cutting back and twice before the Goddess ignored his pleas. Now desperate he mediated for hours hoping the Goddess would finally come to him.

”You wish to see her.”

Jesse looked up at his Goddess. ”Yes. Please. Is she okay?”

The Goddess blinked twice and shook her head. Jesse's heart leapt into his throat. ”I cannot get a clear picture of her. He keeps her doped up. He hurts her. He's trying to break her. He will succeed.”

”Who is he?!”

”I do not know. Shya calls him the voice. I can get lucid moments from her, but they are most interesting.”

”What is it? Tell me!”

”Demands?” The Goddess didn't like this, but without Jesse and Shya she was merely nothing again. She slowly smiled and it sent chills down Jesse's spine. ”How about I show you?” She grabbed his shoulder and Jesse felt like he was being drawn through a long white tunnel before he saw Shya. He knew this wasn't real, but he could feel everything.

Shya smiled at Jesse; that sexy come hither smile that always turned him on. She slowly slid down his naked body and plunged him into her hot, wet, sheath. She arched her back, moaning, as she slowly began riding him. She always started slow sliding up his full length and back down before the intense feelings took her and she would ride him harder and faster.

”Fuck me Jesse,” she moaned and he turned her over, spreading her legs wide, and pummeled inside her. Her tight folds gripped him and he felt her pussy spasm on his cock. Her moans grew louder, wilder. Her nails raked down his back and he bit her nipple hard hearing her scream in /ecstasy/">ecstasy. ”Don't stop Jesse,” Shya moaned. ”Don't stop fucking me.”

I'm not going to stop, Jesse thought as he continued fucking his Queen. Suddenly, Jesse was wrenched from the fantasy and he was kneeling at the altar in front of the Goddess Irina with a raging hard on. He could feel his cock twitching ready for release, but needing just a few more strokes.

Shya's head lolled back and she didn't care. She was on whatever drug the Voice kept giving her. She hated drugs. Never done them and now she was a junkie. She started laughing and couldn't stop. The Voice told her to be quiet, but she couldn't stop. His hand connected with the side of her face and the laughter stopped” replaced with tears. The tears he preferred to the laughing. She was allowed to cry softly to herself. She was allowed to cry herself to sleep.

Shya was awoken with a kick to the side. Her eyes snapped open full of fire, before it slowly faded. The drug taking over and making her care less. ”Who do you belong to, bitch!”

Shya just shook her head. She knew what was coming and like clockwork the shirt was ripped from her body, she was thrown face down on a bench, and she could hear the whip in the air. She hoped this time he didn't stop. She hoped this time she would bleed out. She hoped she had enough drugs in her system to make her not feel the pain. There never was enough drugs.

Shya wouldn't ” couldn't ” do what the Voice wanted. She wasn't sure why. She cared less and less and wanted more and more drugs. The drugs helped. They were her friend. She wasn't sure why she continued to say no, but knew it was important. This time things were different. He cuffed her hands to a thick piece of chain and pulled them out over her head.

”I'll cut your fucking hands off. Is that what you want?”

Shya began crying.

”I said I'll cut your fucking hands off.”

Shya couldn't see the blade, but she could feel the cold metal on her skin. She heard the swoosh as the blade went up into the air and ” ”NO! Don't please. I'll do anything.”

”Anything,” the Voice said in a sing song sort of way.

”Yes, please,” Shya sobbed.

”Suck my dick, bitch!” Shya shook her head, but was moving towards the voice. The sound of a zipper being pulled down had her near gagging. Then his meat was shoved in her mouth. She sucked it, but she wasn't doing a good enough job as the Voice grabbed her head with both hands and began fucking her face. She could barely breathe as he forced every inch of meat into her slobbering mouth. His thrusts went deeper and deeper making her gag and forcing her to open her throat to take him.

”Yeah, you like it, don't you. Suck my cock, bitch. Take it all.”

Shya could feel him getting bigger and harder. She heard him yell that she was not to waste a drop or he was going to cut off each of her fingers. Then he pulsed and warm salty cum hit her throat. It was sticky and she couldn't breathe before she was swallowing jet after jet of his seed. He pushed her head away and ordered a beating for not being better.

Every night she was beat and forced to take his seed either in her mouth, pussy, or ass. She wasn't sure how many days had passed, but she had come to expect the routine and when the Voice came to her she sat up on the bed, her legs tucked under her and waited for his command.

”/good/good-girl/">good girl. It only took 3 months to break you in. I actually thought you would have put up more of a fight. Arm.” Shya gave him her right arm. She listened to his words letting them wash through her until he gave a command. He could bullshit all he wanted. She just didn't care anymore. ”Then again without my little friend here.” She heard him tap the vial before sticking the needle into her arm and injecting her. ”You probably would have, wouldn't you?”

Shya didn't respond. She moaned as she felt the drugs lull her body into a floating feeling. She felt so good. She wanted to laugh, but knew better. The drugs were good, but there was only so much of a beating she could take before the drugs wore off. Pain was not her friend.

”Get dressed.”

Shya walked over to the dress the Voice had picked out and put it on. She didn't bother with under garments. She looked at herself in the mirror. Her eyes were too big, her pupils too large and black. She had dark circles under her eyes and she was a tad too thin. Her hair was wild, tangled, and brittle. Shya blinked trying to remember why she looked like this. Then the Voice started talking to her.

”You look beautiful. See how the dress clings to your form.” And Shya did see. ”See how your nipples are so large and poke through the thin material making me hard. See how the dress is just see through to make you wild with passion without actually seeing your naked form. You”re beautiful.” And Shya felt beautiful.

”Put on this cloak. Put the hood up. You will walk with me tonight. We have a coming out ball to go too. Show the Syndicate that we are the new Gang to not be fucked with!”

Shya pulled the hood up so that it went just past her face. She could see halfway down her vision. She didn't care what was going on. She heard footsteps and she followed with her head down and her hands clasped in front of her. She felt the cloak tug and knew it was trailing slightly behind her. She didn't care. She just needed a new fix. The drugs were wearing off.

Shya sat in the bumpy car ride listening to the conversation around, but not caring what was being said. The Voice was excited. They were hosting a Gala for all of the Syndicate so they could be voted in and recognized as a fellow Syndicate gang. Shya felt a stir down deep, but it was easily forgotten. The car finally came to a stop and she exited the vehicle. The /party/">party seemed to already be underway as she followed the Voice down a side corridor and out into the party. She was led up onto the stage and she stood off to the side while the Voice sat down and conversed with various people. Shya's head stayed lowered and she began to get a little antsy. She needed a new fix soon.

Finally the Voice started his speech which meant to Shya the coming to an end of the night and then they'll go home, she'll get a new fix, he'll demand some sort of sex, and sleep. The important part was the new fix. She knew the drug was still in her body, but she was starting to feel like everything was too real. The volume of the Voice was too loud. Her clothes too scratchy. Everything was just too real.

”” so thank you all for coming; Triads, Mafia, Tronics, Crypts, Bloods, Kings, and everyone else. You honor me with your attendance.” The applause was thunderous and Shya jumped at the sound.

The Voice pulled her to him and turned her from the crowd. He pulled back the hood of the cloak and gripped her chin hard. ”Don't you embarrass me,” he whispered into her ear. The cloak was heavy and fell to the ground. The dress was backless and the crowd stared at the heavy scars on her back. Most didn't care and probably wondered what she did to deserve a fierce beating and not just death. Shya nodded and was roughly turned back to the crowd.


Shya lifted her head seeing blurs of people. Deep down she recognized the voice. ”Jesse,” she moaned quietly.

The Voice couldn't leave his own party, so he jumped down from the stage stopping the group that was advancing on Shya. His own gang stepped up to the plate. Shya stared with a vacant look as Jesse came crashing through his own gang and faced the Voice. He was looking at the Voice, but speaking to Shya.

”Shya come to me.”

Shya took a step, but the Voice stopped her with his own command. ”No.” Shya felt as if she had been slapped and abruptly stopped.

”Shya honey,” Jesse's voice was gentle and tinged with anger. Shya shook her head. The Voice would hurt her. This was a dream. She was dreaming again. The Voice had caught her before when she dreamed of Jesse and the punishment had always been /bad/">bad. Very bad. ”Shya!” She put her hands over her ears.

The Voice laughed. ”Shya come here.” Shya put her hands down and immediately went to the voice. ”She belongs to me now. She's mine. See how she responds to just my voice.”

Jesse looked at Shya. She saw him lift a hand. This was different from her dream. By now they would already be having sex. ”Come. I won't let him hurt you anymore.”

”Is this a dream?”


Shya trusted Jesse. The Voice tried to pull her back, but she had already extended her hand and took Jesse's. She was pulled forward and then there were screams behind her. She was ushered forward into the darkness and blessed silence.

The last 5 months were hell. Shya finally felt like she was her old self. She wouldn't wish detox on her enemy. No, wait. Shya would wish detox on her enemy and hoped they had to repeat it over and over until they felt so drained they couldn't lift themselves and starved to death.

Shya glanced at the mirror. She looked like hell. Goddess Irina smiled at her. Shya smiled back. ”Spring Cleaning.” Shya picked up her shotgun and walked down the steps from her and Jesse's room and made her way to the common room. She wore only a black wife beater and a pair of dark full hd xvideo download green bikini panties. She turned the corner and saw High Tony. He lifted himself and smiled slightly, but she wasn't smiling at all.

”I hate drugs. You all know I hate drugs.” She spoke to everyone. ”I understand getting high once in awhile; taking the edge off. BUT to be stoned every moment of the day.” Shya turned back to Tony. ”I called for you. Twice. You failed me.”

”It won't happen again.”

Shya stared into his eyes. He was high even now. She put the shotgun to his head and pulled the trigger. ”I know.” His brain matter, gore, and blood sprayed onto her. She didn't wipe him off. She turned to the next 3 people and stared at each of them. ”We are a weak house. Our contacts knew who had me AND NO ONE! gave you the information. We WILL rectify that.”

Shya turned to Mikey the drunk. ”Being drunk is worse than being high.” He started to speak, but she shot him in the throat. The first jet of blood pumped out of his body coating her in what used to keep Mikey alive. The second heartbeat of blood barely gushed out of the hole in his throat. Shya left him to bleed out onto the floor. ”Taking the edge off is one thing. Wanting to get krunk with the fellas is one thing. Getting drunk once or twice a week ” acceptable. Getting drunk anymore than that and ”” Shya turned her shotgun on the next drunk and shot him in the chest'twice. The force of the bullets at such close range killed him instantly and his gore covered her shotgun and her.

She heard a cry of outrage and she bent slightly over so the thug would embrace her back. He wasn't expecting her to roll him over her back and give a small hop at the end sending him flying into the air. She pushed the shotgun into his chest and pulled the trigger twice before he came down. She was coated with a fresh batch of weakling. She began reloading her gun.

”You attack me?” She smirked as her dead eyes took in her House. ”I will not have a weak house. You will be better than the rest of those fucking Syndicate fucks out there. We were once on top and now we are laughed at. Our numbers are down. Down! You don't fucking care. Then I'll burn us all. One by one I'll kill every last one of you mother fuckers. You are Tronics. You swore to live and DIE by our name. You let me down you die, motherfucker. AM. I. CLEAR?!”

There was a cry of unity as her house once more became the House of Tronics. She slowly smiled and looked each and every person in the eye that was in the common room. ”Get everyone else. We are doing some spring cleaning. I want everyone here and everyone who is too fucking weak to be a Tronic, but somehow got their fucking ass into MY house in the center of this fucking common room. You have 1 hour to bring every fucking Tronic into my house. There will not be a single excuse as to why your ass ain't here. Am I clear?”

There was a cry of agreement as they all bolted to get every /sister/brother-sister/sister-and-brother/">sister and brother of the Tronic house. Shya turned to the stairs and saw Jesse looking down at her. Pride was in his eyes.

1 hour later and Shya was still covered in the gore of her dying members. Her black shirt was caked in blood and her green panties now looked black. Her eyes were dead and the 20 members in the middle of the room looked petrified with fear. She knew what some of their crimes were ranging from dependency on drugs, alcohol to something as small as not being able to take orders. All easily rectifiable with a pull of a trigger. The ones addicted to alcohol and drugs were taken care of first and without remorse.

”Why is he here?” Shya pointed at the stocky man with her shotgun.

”Cowardice,” someone yelled.

Shya smirked. She switched her shotgun for a glock, courtesy of her lover, and aimed at a housemate next to the stocky man. ”Save your housemate.” Shya cocked the gun so that the stocky man knew she wanted him to jump in front of the bullet. She pulled the trigger. The bullet hit his housemate in the head. The stocky man quivered and shook. She saw him start to move, but couldn't finish. ”You”re useless to us.” She shot him in the head and once in the chest making sure he died.

”Anyone else for cowardice?” Another man was pushed in front of her. ”Save your housemate.” Shya did the same thing. She cocked the gun and just as she pulled the trigger the man pushed his housemate out of the way and the bullet hit him in the arm. She smiled and the house of Tronics clapped and whooped it up. ”Bandage his arm. Welcome back brother.” The man felt pride. She could see it in his eyes he was afraid no more.

”You,” Shya turned to one of the biggest motherfuckers she had ever seen. ”You think you don't have to follow directions. Is that right?”

”No ma”am.”

”You think because you”re a big motherfucker I won't kill you.”

”No ma”am.”

”You”re size ain't shit to me if you can't follow fucking orders. Who do you hate?”

”That fuck Paul.”

Shya grew annoyed. ”Which fucking Paul, asshole.”



”Because he thinks he's a smart ass. He doesn't listen to reason and he needlessly causes drama. He's on a power trip. He ain't shit.”

Shya nodded. ”Paul come here.” Paul stepped forward. ”Give Mr. Big Shot an order.”

”Lick my fucking boots,” Paul sneered. /boy/big-boy/">big boy looked at Shya who just waited. He narrowed his eyes and looked at Paul's boots. They were filthy, covered with grime, and probably shit. He got down on one knee and licked his boots.

”Keep licking big boy,” Shya commanded as she addressed her house. ”You have a chain of command. I do not want to hear every fucking problem you have with your leader. He says jump you say how fucking high. He says jump in front of that train you better fucking do it. He says lick the dog shit from his boots you get on one fucking knee and do it. Got that.”

Shya waited for every head to nod or look of affirmation before continuing. ”Big boy, punch Paulie as hard as you can in the chest.”

”Huh,” Paul said. Big boy wasted no time before he stood up, cocked back, and slammed his meaty fist into Paul's chest with a resounding crack. Paul flew back and hit the wall. He slumped and from the cave in his chest she knew he was dying. He sputtered and blood bubbled from his lips as he tried to take in breaths.

”Leaders. If your subordinates do not respect you how can they follow you? Your brothers and sisters lives should mean more to you than your own. They are not expendable. You are. You give an order they will follow it, but you better be damned sure it was the /best/best-fucking/">best fucking order available at that time. They will die for you. You cause any senseless deaths and I will make sure your death is a painful one. We are smart. We are Tronics. We aren't some fucked up thugs. And any leader who forgets that can die like Paul here.” Shya turned and Paul hiccupped twice and stayed still. Shya looked at Big Boy who nodded his own approval.

”Who are we missing,” Shya was sure that there will be someone who wasn't here thinking they could get out of being at this mandatory meeting for whatever reason. There was silence and she was almost impressed until someone stepped forward.

”4 of our boys were arrested last night.”

Shya blinked. Arrested? When did the Tronics start getting arrested? ”For what?”

”Public disturbance.”

Shya laughed. She could not believe that the Tronics clout had gone so low. She turned to Jesse and he walked down the stairs. She could feel the anger emanating off him. She took a step back and let him lead. As always Jesse was straight to the point. ”Where?”

”Metro station. The-they wouldn't let me post bail.” The thug lowered his head sure he had failed and Shya knew he was /scared/">scared.

Jesse nodded his head almost as if he was having an internal conversation with himself and the outcome wasn't good. ”Okay.”

Shya went up the stairs and hopped into the shower. She let her clothes fall onto the bathtub floor as she quickly scrubbed the dried blood and gore from her body. She quickly toweled off and put on a pair of jeans, combat boots, and another wife beater. She holstered the gun at her back and slipped on an authentic samurai sword. She walked down the stairs as Jesse turned to her. The crew that was coming with them had already been picked.

Big Boy was smiling feeling that he had been upgraded to guard duty. Really, it was because he was level headed, big, and proved he could take any order even the most degrading one.

Red, aptly named for the color she loved to wear, had headphones on. If you weren't paying attention you would think she was listening to her IPod. Red was always connected to some system and even now she was getting the schematics for the Metro Station just in case shit went south.

Marquis was another hacker. He was your conventional nerdy looking type. He grew up on the wrong side of the tracks until the Tronics took him in and gave him a laptop. He had been loyal ever since. He would stay in the car while the rest went in.

Jesse made sure everyone had a laser rifle; standard issue for the Tronics, except Shya and he each had a Samurai sword. Jesse caressed his and knew the Triads wished he didn't carry it. He didn't give a fuck. His father gave him both of those swords and he would always carry one with him at all times and was honored to have Shya carry its twin.

Shya entered the Metro station beside Jesse. The whole police station stopped and stared at them. They heard rumors she was back with Jesse and the whole sordid story of what happened. They also knew that that new gang that was trying to get into the Syndicate had left the area, but wasn't gone for good. Jesse was the strong, quiet type so Shya stepped up to the counter and looked at the officer.

”I want my boys.”

”Bail money.”

Shya withdrew her pistol and laid it out on the counter top. All the officers froze. They were at a pinnacle. They still had to uphold the law, but Shya was calling each and every one of them out. She glanced around the station as she felt her crew get into formation to protect her back. No one withdrew a weapon yet, but it was getting close.

”I was just joking with you.” Shya turned her head to the side not smiling. ”Peters. Lead the Tronics over to those boys.”

Shya followed Peters and knew her crew was still on high alert. She heard an angry whisper as she walked down the hall. ”What the fuck, Henry? You scared of 4 Tronics. We have a station full of people.”

”You didn't see her eyes. You didn't see death staring at you begging you to make a move. So get the fuck off me.”

Shya turned to Jesse who heard it too. He smiled and she smiled back before turning back to Peters. He led them to a holding cell and turned the key in the door. There were only 5 people in the cell. Shya stepped back so the 4 members who looked impressed, but also scared that their leaders came and got them, could exit the cell.

”I want to be a Tronic,” came the lone voice of the person left in the cell.

Shya turned to him. ”What makes you think you”re good enough to be a Tronic.”

”I whipped your boys. All of them.” Shya turned to her crewmates who shrugged and agreed they got their asses handed to them. She turned back to the man. ”I don't need a thug. We have enough of them.”

”I know how to get to Jon.” Shya turned away not caring or knowing who Jon was. ”Most call him the Voice, because that's how he controls everyone: through just his voice.”

Shya stopped. Her back was still to the man. He knew he caught her interest. ”Why should I trust or believe you.”

”Because I have nothing else. I have no affiliation. My wife left me to whore herself out for some investment banker. I'm at rock bottom and just need a place to belong; to matter.”

That's how everyone who joins with a gang gets in. They have no where else to go. Besides Shya had a score to settle. ”I don't care about the Voice,” Shya lied. ”He's no more. I had my revenge. You lie to me. I cut off your balls. You steal from us. I geld you. You don't pull your own weight I'll cut off every appendage on your body.”

”You”re toes are appendages,” Jesse said quietly reminding the man she didn't just mean fingers, ears, and cock.

Shya turned to the man. ”So I pray that you”re lying to me, trying to gather information on the Tronics, and conveniently forgot the order your leader told you to do. I pray so that I can rip you limb from limb, bathe in your blood, and sleep peacefully that night. Come on.”

The man hesitated and Shya cocked her head. It was too late to turn back now. He stood up and the officer let him go. Shya turned to the officer who looked green. ”You look hungry. Have a family?”

The officer gulped thinking she was threatening him. She shook her head, reached behind her, and felt a heavy hand slap 10 's in her hand. ”Here. I know the force is having trouble. You keep people in line. You work hard. You deserve it. I expect nothing in return.” And she didn't. Not this time.

Shya returned to her home just to kill 2 of the 5 people she got out of /jail/">jail. There was a new order and things would be different. Everyone dispersed and Newbie was kept under close watch. She retreated to her bedroom and felt herself being pushed onto the bed. She turned just to have Jesse sit down, pick her up, and plant her on his /cock/huge-cock/">huge cock. His thick meat penetrated her tight folds, pushing deep into her pussy. Her pussy clamped down hard on him and he moaned his appreciation.

”I missed you so much. I will never let you go.”

”I know.”

As if she weighed nothing Jesse lifted Shya up and down on that thick member until she greedily picked up the rhythm. All thoughts forgotten as she clenched him tightly feeling her pussy slide up and down his cock. His mouth found her breast and he bit the nipple before soothing the sharp sting with his tongue. Her hand entwined in his hair pushing him closer and urging him for more; needing more.

He stood up with her still impaled on his dick and pushed her against the wall. He needed to take control. He slammed himself into her over and over. Her hands clutched his neck and she moved her hips in time to his strokes. His hands were on either side of her letting his weight hold her up. She threw her head back and felt her body coiling tighter and tighter.

”Jesse.” She only needed to say his name once. He gripped her hips and pounded harder into her making sure she felt every inch of his cock deep into her chamber. He felt her pussy squeezing him tighter and tighter. He roared feeling his cock engorge and she shuddered. Her body bucked and jerked as her orgasm took her. He finally released his own seed deep into her body, his teeth clamping down on her collar bone. Exhausted he slowly let her slide down the wall.

”Jesse.” Shya looked at her King. ”I need to kill the Voice.”

”I know, baby, I know. We'll kill the sonofabitch.” He kissed the top of her head and they stared at each other in the mirror.

Goddess Irina smiled at them and licked the blood off her hand.