Hot anal homecoming

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
Hot anal homecoming

 Work wasn't going to good so I figured I would header home early to /surprise/">surprise my wife.  When I got there she seemed all bitchy that I was home at all.  It was already late so I figured I'd just go straight to bed.  I lay there trying to sleep but being gone all week and seeing my wife in her /tight/tight-ass/">tight ass jeans when I walked in the house I was horny as ever. 

My wife knows she gets my motor going when she dresses like that. And just to be more of a /bitch/">bitch she comes in the room modeling a new pair of jeans she is wearing to work the next day.  She`s teasing me now,  and I get up and go to her,  putting my hands around her and grabbing that ass of hers. 

Her ass feels so good in those jeans,  I tell her I'm gonna fuck your tight ass and she kisses me harder back.  She likes it when I dominate her even though she is a power /freak/">freak. She knows in our room she is my /sex/sex-toy/">sex toy and enjoys it when I treat her like a slut.  I turn her away from me and push her onto the bed,  landing in a doggy style position.  I tell her to let her hair down and she does so. 

I grab her hair and wrap it in my the wwwxxx hand,  and start rubbing her pussy through her tight jeans as I grind my dick against her tight ass.  Those pants can't come off fast enough,  for I want her that very second,  I pull her up so she is on her knees and peel those jeans down around her knees.  She's soaking wet and wants me to fuck her pussy,  but I want her ass. 

I tease her by /fingering/finger-fucking/">finger fucking her cunt and spreading that cunt juice onto her ass,  she doesn't even realize what is coming.  I fuck her pussy for a few strokes just to get them juices on my dick,  and with no warning go from her pussy,  right into her ass. She's on her knees and even though she winches at the intrusion,  I hold her to me and start thrusting in and out of her. 

I pound in and out of her tight ass whispering to wwwxxx her how much she turns me on,  and that her ass belongs to me now.  I ask her if she likes my /ass/ass-cock/big-cock-in-her-ass/">big cock in her ass and she pants yes in return.  I tell her she's going to be my /anal/anal-slut/">anal slut from now on and she moans her reply as she starts pushing down on my cock with her tight ass stretching to get all my length into her.

She starts to shiver and she says she's going to come,  I let her fall forward onto her hands and fill my hand with her hair as to pull her head back,  to show her she's my /slave/sex-slave/">sex slave now and concentrate my efforts on pounding that ass as much as she can take. I can feel her ass tighten even more as she experiences her /orgasm/anal-orgasm/first-anal-orgasm/">first anal orgasm.  She is pounding back against me as hard as I'm thrusting into her now,  and she's telling me to /ass/ass-fucking/fuck-her-ass/">fuck her ass off if I want to,  I ask her who's my slut,  who's my little /whore/ass-whore/">ass whore now,  she pants out, "I am,  I'm your slut,  your /whore/">whore,  my ass is yours from now on". 

She is totally a lust filled animal now as I start to shoot my cum into her ass,  she is wild with pleasure now.  She tenses up so much I feel like her ass is trying to pull my dick right off me,  I hold her head back by her hair and pull her up to hold her tight against me,  her eyes are wide open,  her mouth open,  her jaw line clenched,  she is coming again. 

I reach down and realize she is squirting too. I hold her there until I feel her begin to relax and let her lay back down,  cum is slowly draining out of her ass as she mellows out.  We lay there for awhile and enjoy each others company after being apart for a little while,  and she gets up and suggests we clean up before going to bed.  As she is standing there,  caressing her ass,  she says to me, "oh,  by the way,  welcome home".