Basketball Camp

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
Basketball Camp

My /friend/best-friend/">best friend, Brook, and I were at basketball camp with our new coach. 

Our coach was named Lori and she was 510, long /blonde/">blonde hair, great tan, beautiful smile, and the sexiest green eyes. Brook approached me and told me that she thought the coach was very attractive, but I really didnt pay that much attention. Practice was running smooth and perfect, at the end she let us go 20 minutes early. 

All the girls were out of the /gym/">gym in five minutes and all that was left was Brook, Lori, and me. Lori asked Brook if she wanted to play some one-on-one when she returned from locking the doors. Of course, my friend agreed and so we sat on the bench and waited. When she came back, she tossed a ball to Brook. The game started normally until Lori started guarding Brook in a sexual way. They werent trying to make any shots; they were just trying to touch on each other. 

Brook was about to shoot until Lori grabbed her by the waist, from behind, and kissed her on her neck. Brook held on to the ball and said, "Im still going to make this shot." She shot the ball and made it. She turned around and wrapped her arms around Loris neck, and kissed her. They kissed and kissed their way to the floor. Lori was on top; she raised up and took off her top. She went back to kissing Brook and helping her take her top off also. 

Lori kissed Brooks ear, then her neck, she pulled down her shorts, her panties, and started to explore a little farther. She took her middle finger and gently rubbed on her clit while she held her lips open with her other two fingers. Lori skipped passes kissing on the rest of Brooks body and settled her mouth on Brooks sex. 

I couldnt see that much from the bench but I was fascinated by the emotion going on in the gym. Lori found Brooks spot and she went /crazy/">crazy, but Lori didnt stop until she had come at least three times. Afterwards Lori just got up and walked away leaving Brook lying in the middle alain lyle porn of the court with her breasts heaving with every breath. Brook was dumbfounded and preceded to put her clothes back on. When we indian santali xvideo went in the direction Lori had went, we did not find her. We have never seen Lori since that day. 

I know youre thinking that I was stupid for just watching but something about Lori didnt seem right. Does that make me seem different?