Circle of Friends

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Circle of Friends

It was about 8 p.m. when I pulled up to the coffee shop where Daniel and Kate had told me to meet them when I got off work. I came up to their table, greeted him with a handshake and her with a hug, and sat down. Although they were not 'seriously' seeing each other, they had been hanging out a lot lately, and their interest in each other was obvious. I never mentioned it to anyone, but I had always had a kind of crush on Kate. She was a very attractive girl, one-half chinese, and one of the sweetest girls I had ever met. She had a slightly thick build, which served as a compliment to her delicate oriental facial features; small perky breasts, voluptuous hips and a perfectly round ass. Her and I had become pretty close friends, but I knew that she was interested in Daniel. Besides, he was one of my closest friends, and I had no intentions of getting in the way of what he wanted.

"So what's the plan tonight?" I asked. They began telling me about a nightclub they went to a couple of weeks ago, and that they have been wanting to bring me along. I had heard of it before; it was an underground rave club, well known for being inhabited by various types of freaks, so I was a little skeptical. But they insisted that it was one of the best times they have had in a while, and urged me to come with them. Always looking out for my well-being! I gave it a little bit more thought, then i decided, fuck it, I needed a change of pace anyway. We weren't planning on leaving for another couple of hours, so we all went back to Daniel's apartment and /hung/">hung out for a while. I was noticing the way that Daniel and Kate were looking and talking to each other, and I'll admit, it made me a slight bit jealous. But hey, I thought to myself, who knows, maybe I'll get to hook up with one of those /cute/">cute little club-kid girls tonight, to get my mind off Kate. It didn't help that Kate was REAL friendly, and sometimes had a habit of sending across some mixed signals. Oh well...

After we were all dressed and ready we left. On the way there we suddenly stopped, and Kate got out and walked over to a group of people standing by the building beside us. "What's going on, what is she doing?" I asked Daniel.
"Don't worry," he assured me, "she's just picking up our 'refreshments' for the night."
I started to get a sinking feeling. "Refreshments?"
"Yeah," he continued, "have you ever done /ecstasy/">ecstasy before?"
"Uh, no" i replied.
"Well, you wanna try it? It's on us!"
In the back of my mind, I knew I shouldn't have come out tonight, but I didn't want to look like the only asshole in the group, especially if they're paying for my good time. After a little hesitation I replied, "Sure, why not!"
Daniel gave me a reassuring smile. When Kate got back in the car he told her "He says he'll do it with us."
"Alright!" Kate said. "Trust me, you're gonna have the time of your life."
All I could do was take their word for it. I sat back and starting thinking about the interesting turn the night had taken.

We parked the car, got out, and walked towards the club. We had to go down a short flight of stairs, where there was a short line. After checking our ID's and collecting the cover charge, the bouncers opened the door and let us inside. There was a moderate crowd inside, and Daniel explained that it was still early and the crowd would pick up soon. There was a DJ up in a booth above the dance floor playing loud rhythmic house music. Although I was still a little apprehensive, the atmosphere made me relax a little. Daniel suddenly grabbed me. "Follow me," he said, leading me to the bathroom. Once inside he handed me a small red pill. "Now chew this up, and wash it down with this" he said, handing me a bottle of water. The pill tasted like shit, and I immediately gulped down as much water as I could. After he took his pill, we went back out into the club. I started to become aware of my surrounding at this point. There were, in fact, a lot of freaky looking people, and I scanned over the dance floor and on to the booths and tables, where I noticed for the /first-time/">first time the sexual undertones inside the club. There were guys getting with girls, guys getting with GUYS, girls getting with girls, and then there were some that you could not be too sure what they were. I looked on in amazement, and felt just slightly uncomfortable. I turned to Daniel and Kate, who were sitting beside me chatting and conversating.
"Do you guys wanna dance?" I blurted out.
"Sure! Good idea!" replied Kate. We all made our way to the dance floor, which was not yet too crowded. I was anxious to feel the first effects of the drug I had just ingested. I tried not to think about it, no turning back anyway, I thought to myself. I looked at Daniel and blowjob porn videos Kate. They already seemed to be loosening up. They were dancing close with each other, and were exploring each other with their hands. But it was the looks on their faces that made me wonder if they were already feeling it. All of a sudden, I was wondering the same about myself.

Kate made her way over to me. She began dancing with me, smiling as she always does, but with a more intense look in her eyes. She was dancing with me almost as close as she was dancing with Daniel. I looked over at him, and he seemed to be in his own world, captivated by the repetitive techno coming from the speakers. Kate put her hands on my chest. "How do you feel?" she asked.
"I dont know," I replied. "Just dont think about it, it'll come to you." she answered. All the while she never stopped smiling. She was dancing with me in the usual fashion, grinding a little, and running her hands over my chest and shoulders. "Come over here, " she said. We walked to the table that Daniel was already sitting at. I thought maybe he would be a little put off by watching me and Kate dance like that, but actually he looked quite the opposite. He just seemed extremely happy to be there. I felt a wave of tingles run through my body as I sat down. My vision began to get a little blurry, and I closed my eyes for a second. I heard Daniel laugh.
"Kate, I think he's rolling!" he said. Right then I felt hands on ym back, kneading and massaging it. My whole body began to feel loose and jelly-like. "How does this feel?" I heard Kate's voice whisper in my ear.
"It feels great" I whispered back. She giggled. I looked up at Daniel, and he was giving me that same reassuring smile he gave me in the car. I felt a warm comforting feeling overcome my body, and it immediately heightened all of my senses. I was enjoying this! Kate continued to massage my back and shoulders, and Daniel moved right in front of me. He took my hand and started to rub and massage it, and then started massaging my arms. Now, neither of us is gay or bisexual in the least bit, but it felt good at the moment to be so close to such a /friend/good-friend/">good friend of mine. Kate's fingers went up my shirt and were touching my bare skin. It gave me goosebumps. She started kissing my neck and my earlobes, blowing into them softly, and every now and then she would move her hand around to my chest and playfully flick my nipples. I couldn't believe what was happening! Although I was under the influence of chemicals, my cock immediately responded and began to get hard. I looked up at Daniel, who was still holding my arms, and I saw he was getting the same treatment from someone else! Behind him was a cute slender /brunette/brunette-girl/">brunette girl, wearing a tight baby-tee shirt and loose fitting jeans. She had nice perky tits like Kate's, except bigger, and it was clear she wasnt wearing a bra.
"Hi. I'm Lacy!" she smiled. I introdued myself the best I could in my drug induced haze, and so did Kate, who didnt seem to mind that there was some strange girl touching and massaging her potential boyfriend. I felt Daniel's hands squeeze my arms, and that's when I noticed that our /friend/new-friend/">new friend had reached down and squeezed his cock. I felt Kate's hands roaming all around my stomach, back, and shoulders, still licking and kissing my earlobes. My cock was fully erect by now, and aching for her to massage it, but I was somewhat enjoying her teasing. It seemed to enhance my already-enhanced senses. She began whispering in my ear how glad she was that we were all friends and could enojoy such a great time together. And indeed we were. Then she looked up at Lacy, who had begun kissing Daniel passionately. "Isn't she beautiful?" Kate exclaimed. I nodded my head in agreement. I was still a little in shock over the events of the night so far. I began telling her how glad I was that she and Daniel were becoming so close, and that I had become friends with her. "I want us all to be this close all the time," she replied. We were all consumed by the pleasure brought on by the Ecstasy, and were all feeling quite close to one another. Lacy moved between Daniel and I, and, still kissing him, she began to massage my chest, and started working her way down. This brought on the relief I was looking for, but all of a sudden, milf porn videos she stopped. She began telling us about a secluded park that was close to the nightclub, and invited us to come along with her. Although the loud music and the hedonistic vibe inside the club had proven to be fun, getting out of that stuffy atmosphere seemed like a good idea.