my wife Anna laura and karen

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my wife Anna laura and karen

This night changed my life for ever.. It all started when my wife had a few friends around for a get together. We lived back then in a nice part of Hartfordshire in England. My wife Karen had a few of her mates come over for a drink a DVD and some drinking games. Great I thought, a house full of people I didn't know, good? No, see I have been with a few of girls around here and anyone of them might know me and grass me in to my wife. Well as luck would have it I didn't know any of them this time so all was good.

Anyway, I chilled out for the rest of the evening. Anna, Karen laura all went into the kitchen with my wife. Between our walls I could hear drunk laughter and giggles from all of them. I sat down and started to watch telly when my wife and her three friends came crashing in to the living room laughing.

Anna shouted to my wife at the top of her lungs "go on then! Tell him!" tell me what I shouted back at them... "tell him what you had just said to me in the kitchen!" at bokep sma pecah perawan this point I started to get paranoid case my wife found out she's /pregnant/">pregnant or something... "you're wife of 5 years wants us to watch you two to get it on" my wife at that point started to smile and laugh histericly. "NO I DIDN'T!!!" Karen perked up and said yes you did!! Simon! Anna shouted to me, and after that she wants you to sleep with Karen!! Right here? I laughed jokingly. all three girls and my wife all shouted all at once "YES!!!!"

I sat back down and put my /feet/">feet up.. Well I said, I'm not in for your jedi mind tricks. My wife came rushing over next to me. "please! " she whispered, I need this, you know I have always wanted girly love and this might be my chance!" I looked over at the three /women/">women sat on the floor and Karen stood by the door. "well I whispered back, I get to pick who I want next"

Ok she replied and looked back at the girls and gave a thumbs up. My wife stood up and undid my trousers and my belt and pulled my penis out with my balls, at first I hid it with a pillow to stop them from seeing it, "no she said suductivly "don't spoil it, they have to watch don't they".

My wife is a slim woman she is a stunning dark red headed woman. She nelt down in front of me and rubbed my balls. She looked back at Anna and smiled slowly and suductivly whilst putting my half mast cock in her mouth. Thing is I didn't have a drop of drink that night and the ladys were next to being extremely pissed. My wife looked at Anna the whole time she was taking me in her mouth. Hmmm she moaned.. My wife pulled her /sweet/">sweet mouth off and pulled the pillow away. See she said playing with it and cupping my balls with her other hand, its gone rock hard now! this nerved me because I had never had an audience before..

I looked over at all three of them looking at me. My wife pulled my trousers down to my ankles and took them right off so I was naked from my shirt down. She got off me and stood in the middle of our lounge and started to take her top off. I plucked up the curridge and started to forget the other women and I rubbed the head of my cock watching my wife take off her skirt and pull it down to the ground with her knickers and she kicked them off.

She was now naked with all her clothes on the floor. My wife walked over to me sitting down on the sofa and put one leg up, her funny was right in my face, old waman xxxgx I could feel her pubic hair tickle my nose, I looked up at her looking down at me with her hands on her hips. "lick me, she asked.. I looked up and watched her eyes as my tounge and mouth started to curess her funny with my lips.

I always knew that she loved it when I sucked /hard/real-hard/">real hard, so I did to show off to the others. I sucked harder and harder and watched her legs and knees tremble as I was suductivly king for dear life. Her pussy got a little bit wet, in fact too wet.. Her juices soaked my face. She moved her hands down and parted her vagina apart and I managed to stick my tounge deeper inside moving it up and down whilst swallowing all that she had to give me..

Oooh my wife said moaning looking up at the cealing. Ahhhh yessss she cried panting and then rolled her eyes. My wife told Anna to watch her husband bring her off with his tounge deep in her vagina. "can you see us" she asked them all.

My wife moaned and sucked her lips.. Ahhhh Oooh she screamed. My wife got off and sat down next to me and spread her legs apart bringing her knees up with her hands. Come on please sick it in me she cried pleading me. I rubbed my cock and played with her juices. She was soaked. I then rolled over and got between her and played with her cum with the head of my cock.

It slid in sweetly in fact it went in too well. I popped my cock in and out getting deeper and deeper trying to grip my cock with some sort of friction. I looked over at the three watching us. Anna was standing right In front of us. Laura was sitting on the other couch opposite us and Karen the fit one of them all was standing next to Anna.

I proceeded to pound at my wifes little pussy, she was panting quite loud at this point and I was giving her longer thrusts bashing against her slapping my balls.

We sometimes get rough and very loud and the thought of her friends watching us made me get harder.

My wife winked at Anna as I was pounding her on the sofa and then told them all to crowd and sit around us and shut the lounge door. I'm not going to lie Anna was happly married and the other two had partners but the way Anna was looking at my wife looked like she wanted her. she pulled Anna by the arm closer to her and put Anna's hand on the front of her vagina leaving her own had there on top of hers. "feel that??" she asked her panting with my thrusts bashing In and out..

"that's my tight little funny getting what it needs" she pulled Laura over and placed Laura's hand on her brest.. and then she asked me which one did I want to have next?? I said nothing as the sweat started to run down my face and I got clammy with the movements I was giving her.. the noises of her pussy slushing got too much and it started to pour down and out of her messy moist pussy and soak my /balls/ball-cock/cock-and-balls/">cock and balls.

oh!! my wife shouted I'm cumming.. I can feel myself cumming!!! with that she rocked with my movements and her pussy got tighter, it made it hard to keep my momentum as she was slowly starting to cum. all of a sudden her tummy quivered and she closed her eyes tight and opened her mouth at the brink of her pussy erupt with cum. OOOooh!! yeahhh !!! and then, she let it all come gushing out spraying everything in her path, my legs, the couch and even spraying Anna with it.. it was everywhere. the sofa was wet and you could smell the woman juice hitting the leather on its landing.

I had never seen her cum like that before.. she flopped with exhaustion back on the sofa cum was trickling down her tummy and off of Anna's hand and arm.

I pulled my cock out and stood up. my wife asked nervously to Anna and Laura if they would like to have a taste if what she had done. Laura was the first to put her face between my wifes legs. at first she closed them but after a while she stopped being nervous and spread them as wide as they could. both Anna and Laura started to taking it in turns to lick and eat it lapping it all up.

I called over to a nervous Karen, "your turn" I said looking over at her sitting with her legs crossed and then I looked over to my wife. is that ok I asked, yes my wife replied. with that I pulled Karen up off the sofa sitting next to her looking at Laura and Anna feeding off her pussy each. Karen stood up and I kissed her on the cheek, she was a blond haired woman. she was a pateet and small framed woman shorter than me. I kissed her on the shoulder and moved my hands down her arms slowly. I'm not on the pill she whispered quietly, its ok I replied.

I unbuttoned Karen's black jacket and slid my hands under her t-shirt to her bra, I kissed her o. the neck gently and she went down to her knees to kiss the head of my throbbing wet cock. Karen lighty stuck her mouth around me and proceeded to twist her tounge up and around my penis and cupped my balls swallowing my wifes cum off the top of it.

I unbuttoned my own shirt to reveal my chest. her mouth moved in and out slowly and I put my left hand over and through her blond hair. my wife watched us as her husband was getting his cock sucked from her friend. does that taste nice I whispered quietly to her. she moaned to me telling me she was loving it.

I want to stick my hot prick in your tight little pussy I asked. Karen was shy and nodded her head. I pulled her down to the floor and sat with her.

we both looked back at the two others and my wife. Karen was wareing a short skirt and a short white shirt. she pulled her hairband out to let her hair go free and stuck it behind her ears. scheme coughed neviously not really knowing what to do next. I leaned over to her making sure we were in eye line to my wife and I put my hand up Karen's skirt and down unto her knickers. hmmm she moaned as I put two fingers in side. god it was tight! I couldn't manage two fingers inside so I placed my middle finger in there instead. her vagina started to gush with her pre cum and the palm of my hand got wetter.

I asked her to straddle over me, so she got up off the floor and sat over me pulling her knickers to one side under her skirt.

I could feel how tight and wet it was as it brushed over the head of my penis as she got on top. "ill let you put it in I said to her, very slowly she moved her arm to the back if her and started to rub the head of my manhood around her clitorus nerviously and slowly. and then she moved it closer to the opening of her vagina looking down at herself. her skirt kept slipping so she hooked it under her chin.

I don't know how much I could cope with it being so tight, it hurt from the movement she was sliding up and down.. I moved both my hands under and around her bottom.. at the start of the night I only dreamt of what it would be like to be with her sexualy and here she was a beautiful woman making love to my cock.

I needed to make this woman cum. I wanted to see what her face looked like when her pussy was going to explode. so I moved my thys up and down to make her bounce off me. she panted and screamed. her sweetly wet body was clapping against my legs as I got harder harder bashing as rough as I could. her tight /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy lot looser as she was drawing herself close to letting go. and then I felt my cock tingle and my balls begin to throb, yES Yes!!!! ah!!! she shouted more more more!!!!!!!. I pounded as hard as I could. I felt my cock start to work in its own rythem as she came up and down on me.

I'm going to cum on your cock Karen screamed getting closer to the brink, and then she let go. she spat her cum twice from her vagina onto my stomach. I twisted her over to her back and got between her. Karen had to help me back in as her hole was small. I started off again lifting her skirt all the way up. I was watching my dick banging in and out going deeper each time. and then I let go and stuck it as deep as it would go inside holding it in there as I nuted my cream inside her.

We all stopped and paused. everyone laid there in silence.

I don't think I have gadgets a people get together like that before.. but hey! I knew my wife got her dream come true.