Angel Chapter h

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Angel Chapter h

Closing the door softly behind me, I snuck back to my room and pulled off my damp clothes. I walked to the attached bathroom and began to run the shower. My body was still so warm from the walk and the sex that I kept the water cool rather than hot. I stepped into the stream and let my head drop back, feeling the weight of my hair being soaked by the spray.

I touched my lips with my finger, feeling their slightly puffy fullness. The thought of Josh kissing me again, made me tingle with the anticipation of our next meeting. I washed my hair and lathered my loufha with vanilla scented soap and scrubbed my body. It had been a really long night, and I felt completely drained. 

I rinsed and grabbed the towel from the rack, flipping my hair over to wrap it up snuggly. I dried the rest of my body with another towel and /hung/">hung it on the back of the door before going back into my room. As I opened the bathroom door I saw Johanna come in through the door and close it softly behind her. She stopped when she saw me coming out of the bathroom.

?Oh!? she said in /surprise/">surprise. ?I didn?t think you were back yet.?

?Yup. Got in a few minutes ago.?

?Oh.? Jo said quietly. ?Well, how was it? What happened??

?I?ll give you all the details tomorrow, but I am really tired now.? I climbed into my bed, feeling the cool sheets against my skin. I glanced at Jo as she took off a towel that was around her and climbed into bed next to me.

?Yeah, me too.? She said.

?However,? I started, ?I was wondering why you were /fucking/brothers-fucking/fucking-my-brother/">fucking my brother.? Jo lie still for a second and let out a breath.

?I wasn?t sure if you saw or not.?

?Yeah. I saw.?

?Um, well, it didn?t really mean to go that far. I mean, I was supposed to stay in your brother?s room and he was supposed to sleep in the den. I came up here to help him get some of his things. One thing led to another and, well, you saw the rest.?

?I guess.? I said, knowing she wanted to say more, but was afraid to go on. ?Do you want to talk about it?? I asked. I sighed as I saw her smile brightly in the low light of the moon.

?Well, I do, but seeing that he is your brother?? Jo trailed off, not wanting to offend me. 

?Okay,? I said, sighing again. ?Tell me all about it anyway. Its nothing I haven?t already heard.? I figured that at least I could sleep in tomorrow, so staying up this late wasn?t a big deal. 

?Well, after you left I helped myself to that huge bathtub up the hall. I soaked for a while, enjoying the bubbles and that scented stuff that was on the shelf. I waited until I was just pruney that my fingers were wrinkled ya know.? For a few moments, Johanna was lost in thought, thinking back to those moments when Brian starting hitting on her. She smiled in the dark, remembering how it all started. She settled under the covers and continued.
Johanna wiped the fog from the mirror and peered at her reflection. Scrubbed, splotchy and hot, she thought of herself as unattractive at the moment. Her hair was wet, and sticking to her back. Glancing around she cussed.

?Damn it. I forgot a towel.? Looking under the sink and on the shelf next to the stand up shower, she didn?t find anything she could use to dry off with. Looking at her dirty clothes, the thought of putting them back on made her skin crawl. Biting her lip, she thought of what to do. Finally deciding that she was going to get a towel one way or the other, she opened the door to the hall a crack. 

The cold air rushed in, and the sudden change in temperature made Johanna?s nipples harden and gooseflesh break across her skin. Darting her eyes in each direction to make sure the coast was clear, Johanna tiptoed into the hall and down to the first floor. Since it was past 12 and she had already heard Angel?s parents go to bed, she figured she was safe until she found the towels. Making her way to the first floor bathroom, she opened the door to the small closet next to it, but only found toilet paper and some cleaning supplies. 
Closing the door, she nearly screamed when she saw Brian, Angel?s younger brother standing on the other side.

?Jesus Christ!? she hissed, holding her hand to her heart. ?You gave me a fucking heart attack!? Brian smiled, trying to keep a straight face and his eyes directed to hers.

?What are you doing sneaking around our house naked?? He asked, keeping his gaze steady. Johanna, now realizing she was naked in front of him, opened the closet door again and poked her head around it, using it as a shield to cover her body. She smiled sheepishly and blushed.

?I, uh, couldn?t find a towel.?

?My parents never keep towels in that hall bath, since we all have our own bathrooms attached to our rooms.? He paused. ?There are some in the basement. Do you want me to get one for you?? 

? I can get it myself." She snapped. "Where is the basement??

?Through the kitchen to the left.? Brian said, pointing.

?Thanks.? She turned to go, but then asked, ?So, why are you down here? Hear a monster under your bed??

?I?m not 8 you know. I turned 18 last month. And for your information, my parents told me to help you with anything you needed. To get anything if you asked for something.? He smiled brighter. ?And when I saw you leave the bathroom, I figured you needed a towel.? 

Jo thought about this for a second, and smiled. "I didnt think anyone was around."

"There wasnt." Brian said, "That?s why I followed you. Ill get you a towel." He turned and headed towards the kitchen and then the basement door opened. Moments later he returned with a towel. It looked to Jo like a half of a towel. she scoweld, but accepted it with nothing better to use.

"Just turn around for a sec." She said, and as soon as Brian turned his back to her, she wrapped the towel around herself and because it was 2 sizes to small, she had to wrap it to the side to avoid being completely exposed in the front. Tucking it in under her arm, she pushed her damp hair from her eyes and placed a hand on her hip to try and hold close the gap that was created from the small towel.

"Anything else, or are you just going to stand there and stare?" Johanna asked.

"Well, you are supposed to sleep in my room and I have to sleep on the couch in the den. The least you can do is help me bring down my things." Brian said heading towards the stairs. He took them two at a time to the top.

"Cant you do that yourself? I mean, you just told me you?re a /boy/big-boy/">big boy, why do you need my help?" Jo said from the bottom of the landing.
Not getting an answer and pissed he ignored her, she stubbornly stomped after him. Peaking the stairs, she followed him into his room, where he was methodically grabbing clothes and blankets. Jo stood there with her hands on her hips, looking into the room.

?Can you grab that pillow? The one on the other side of the bed?? Brian asked, juggling the other items in his hands. Sighing, Jo walked across the large room to the bed and leaned over to grab the pillow. As soon as she did so, Jo felt the towel being snapped from her body. Standing up straight quick, she turned on Brian.

?What the xxx sex video download free com hell?? she hissed at him, not wanting to raise her voice and have Angels parents awaken to find their daughters guest, naked in their sons room; an impression Johanna didn?t want them to have.

?Well, I was just thinking that since I already have seen you naked, there is no reason for you to wear that towel. Especially since we are alone.? He said this while nodding to the door, and Jo realized he must have closed it before he snatched her towel. He looked back and smiled at her.

Johanna stood for a minute, playing back the last few minutes and smiled. It dawned on her that Brian was playing a game and it was a game that left him at the moment standing in the middle of his room with an /erection/">erection tenting his boxers. 

?Well then,? Johanna said, wanting to play along, ?Why should I be naked by myself?? She raised an eyebrow in Brian?s direction. Smiling, Jo knew what she was sexxxx video ful hd doing and what he wanted to do with her. She was never one to turn down a roll in the hay, especially with a guy like Brian. He was handsome, built and had such /sweet/">sweet eyes. She had kept glancing at him all night, wondering what was under the neat preppy clothes he wore. She didn?t expect him to pick up on her flirtatious glances, but she must have underestimated him.